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It’s nearly time for your kid’s huge thing– baseball picture day, the yearly school flute show, his launching as a ring bearer at your cousin’s wedding event– and his clothing is looking beautiful. Oh yes, he’s all set for this. And after that you keep in mind: Shit, the kid’s got ta consume.

Image: Michelle Woo

If your kid has actually outgrown bibs, and you do not wish to tuck a napkin in his t-shirt due to the fact that there’s an 87% opportunity it will slip out or get soaked through, attempt this technique I found out. Get a sheet of Glad Press ‘n Seal cling wrap, and utilize it as a clothes protector. No, this is not an advertisement for Glad– it’s simply that journalism ‘n Seal line grips whatever it touches, unlike routine cling wrap, which would simply fall off. (A note of care: Cling wrap can be a suffocation risk– do monitor your kids while utilizing this hack.)

The technique can conserve you if you remain in a pinch. You may too stick an entire roll in your huge moms and dad bag and bring it along to the occasion itself. Hey, if there are remaining donuts there for visitors to bring house, you’ll be the most popular individual around.