I utilized to make a great deal of healthy smoothies for my kid when he was more youthful. My go-to dish was bananas, frozen blueberries, greek yogurt, milk or orange juice, spinach and flaxseed. He liked it fresh out of the mixer. However I ‘d constantly have a bit remaining, and when it had actually been saved in the refrigerator for a while, he turned his nose up at it.

I can’t state I blamed him. The beautiful purple color from the blueberries would turn brown really rapidly and the consistency appeared to alter gradually. The healthy smoothies simply didn’t hold up, in spite of my duplicated efforts to discover a great way to keep them, and my heart broke a little bit more each time I put that gross brown healthy smoothie– and all its natural active ingredients– down the drain.

Lifehacker’s innovative manufacturer, Heather Hass, who has a two-year-old and a five-year-old, developed a service that I want I ‘d heard then: Freeze the leftovers into popsicles.

” We make healthy smoothies in the a.m. and after that freeze the leftovers to make a number of popsicles,” Hass states. “Then we offer it to the kids for dessert at supper.”

So not just does she not lose that excess healthy smoothie, she likewise offers her kids a healthy dessert. Rating and rating.

To make things additional simple, she utilizes this set of popsicle molds, which are particularly created for homemade juice popsicles.

Picture: Tovolo

” It deals with any healthy smoothie,” Hass states. “We did one this weekend that was the very best: Frozen banana, OJ, coconut milk and vanilla. It made a remarkable healthy smoothie, however the popsicle was even much better. It resembled an orange Dreamsicle.”

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