Kick back, clear your mind, and let this images sink in: “pails and pails and pails loaded with small octopi.”

That’s what Devin Dumont– manager of the UGA Marine Education Center and Fish Tank in Savannah, Georgia– stated he discovered when he appeared to work last Tuesday, according to an interview with regional news website Savannah Early Morning News

” I discovered this cloud of moving dots and I understood, ‘Oh my God … There are children. There are children all over,'” Dumont informed Savannah Early morning News. “I instantly began scooping them out and putting them in pails.”

Octavius, the fish tank’s sole octopus local, had actually obviously brought to life a brood of 10s of countless small, confetti-size children over night. When Dumont discovered the brood swirling like a blizzard in Octavius’ tank, he was amazed for a couple of factors. [Photos: Ghostly Dumbo Octopus Dances In the Deep Sea]

Octavius, the Georgia aquarium's sole octopus, gave birth to a brood of tens of thousands of tiny, octopus babies.

Octavius, the Georgia fish tank’s sole octopus, brought to life a brood of 10s of countless small, octopus children.

Credit: UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

For beginners, no one at the fish tank understood Octavius was pregnant. The mature woman Octopus vulgaris had actually been contributed to the Marine Education Center on Aug. 8 by the South Carolina Fish Tank in Charleston, and had actually been living alone in her tank for more than 2 months, according to Savannah Early morning News.

More notably, no one at the fish tank understood Octavius was a woman when they embraced her (for this reason her manly name, picked by means of social networks survey). This is not a difficult error to make– male and female members of O. vulgaris look extremely comparable, conserve for some minute distinctions on their 3rd best arms

However, in retrospection, Dumont stated he needs to have acknowledged the indications that Octavius was getting ready for motherhood. About a month earlier, the octopus went from being a social beloved crazy about slapping her arms versus the side of her tank to being a recluse, pulling away into a cavern near the back of her enclosure. Since female octopi can save sperm in their bodies for weeks prior to laying their eggs under ideal conditions, it’s most likely that Octavius was measuring the security of her tank prior to choosing to bring her children into the world, Dumont stated.

In any case, the UGA Marine Education Center and Fish tank all of a sudden ended up being about 10,000 octopi richer over night. Some have actually considering that been set up in nursery tanks (not on show and tell). Others have actually been contributed to a close-by shellfish research study laboratory, while still others were launched into the surrounding Skidaway River.

Ideally, some will grow to fill their mom’s 8 wiggly shoes. Similar to the majority of octopus mamas, Octavius provided her all to guarantee her eggs had a safe location to hatch, and she will quickly participate in an octopus death spiral that culminates with her death as soon as her last children are hatched

RIP, Octavius. We barely understood ye.

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