Look like a man may have done what he reportedly said he was going to do. A guy in Manacor, Spain, had allegedly said, “I’m going to give you all the coronavirus” when coughing and lowering his face mask at his workplace. And lo and behold, he is now being charged with infecting eight people directly and 14 people indirectly with the the Covid-19 coronavirus, according to a police report. Talk about being true to your word.

Yes, apparently a few months ago, a 40-year-old man may have single-handedly (or perhaps single-mouthedly and nosedly) caused a Covid-19 outbreak in Manacor, a town on Mallorca, an island that’s part of Spain. That’s because he continued to go to work for several days even though he was having symptoms like a fever up to 104 degrees and a cough. Gee, going to work while potentially sick in the middle of a Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic? What could possible go wrong?

In fact, when his work colleagues and boss expressed concern and asked him to go home, he reportedly delivered the “I’m going to give you all the coronavirus” line. It’s not clear whether he meant this deliberately or actually believed that he wasn’t infectious. Nevertheless, doing something like that is probably not going to earn you “employee of the year” honors.

Eventually the man got a Covid-19 test at the local hospital but still went to work and a gym the following day, which also would earn a “what were you thinking” answer if it were a clue on the game show Jeopardy! If you have some symptoms and get a Covid-19 test, you should be quarantining your butt (and the rest of your body) until you receive the results of the test. Otherwise, should the test come back positive, there will be a lot of shoulda, woulda, couldas. It’s not as if you can go back and tell the people that you came into contact with and infected, “oh, I just found out my test result, and, my bad, it was positive. Can you return all the viruses that I gave you back to my nose and mouth?”

Indeed, at the end of the workday, the day after he had gotten the test, the man found out that his test had come back positive. You can be fairly positive that this news wasn’t very positive for his co-workers. You can also be fairly positive that co-workers then uttered choice words that weren’t the Spanish equivalents of “awesome” or “you are my BFF.”

Subsequent testing revealed five people at his workplace and three people at the gym to be positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. It seems like those eight people then unknowingly spread the virus to 14 others for a total of 22 people turning positive, including baby, baby, baby. Yep, three little ones, each around one year of age, got infected as well. So, it seems like true to his word the man from Mallorca did give the Covid-19 coronavirus to others, which led to his arrest.

All of this shows what just one person not following public health precautions can end up doing. Going to work while sick and not keeping your face mask on can bring misery to not only your co-workers but anyone interacting with your co-workers. Ignoring public health recommendations is certainly one way to make a real impact but not in a way that deserves a slow clap.

Remember what you do every day can affect others because we are all connected with each other like cheese and toppings on a pizza. For example, rules and regulations typically say that you have to wear clothes when in public and can’t simply pee and poop wherever you’d like. This is not to take away your “liberties” and “freedoms.” Instead, it’s to protect other people from you. After all, others may not want to see your genitals or your poop no matter what you may name them. Why then would having to wear face masks and social distance during a pandemic be that different?