No, this is not a particular results contact. It is an eye fixed with pigment dispersion syndrome. 

The New England Journal of Medication/ Screenshot by Shelby Brown/ CNET

Think about being an optometrist — used to seeing typical eye colours like blue, inexperienced and brown — and coming face-to-face with fiery crimson ones throughout a routine examination. That is what occurred to an eye fixed physician in Texas when a 44-year-old man stopped by the workplace to determine affected person care. The person had no particular complaints except for a household historical past of glaucoma. The New England Journal of Medication described the attention as one with “circumferential spoke-like iris transillumination defects” — making it look loads just like the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings

The medical doctors identified the person with pigment dispersion syndrome, a uncommon genetic situation. Pigment dispersion syndrome occurs when pigment granules that repeatedly stick with the bottom of the iris flake off into the clear, watery fluid within the entrance of the attention, Ars Technica reported earlier. A earlier physician had reportedly decided that the person had elevated stress in his eye, which may occur when the flakes that come free clog the attention’s pure drainage system. This will ultimately injury the optic nerve.

“The affected person underwent selective laser trabeculoplasty however continued to make use of pressure-lowering eyedrops to manage his intraocular stress,” the medical doctors stated in The New England Journal of Medication’s report. 

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