This view of Korolev crater integrates information from ESA’s Mars Express with a digital surface design.

ESA/DLR/FU Berlin.

Load your ski boots. Get a warm coat. Do not forget the hot cocoa. The European Area Firm launched a set of images on Thursday of a really fascinating Mars crater, and the views are ideal for the holiday.

The views of Korolev crater originated from images and information gathered by Mars Express, an ESA orbiter that’s studying the world’s environment and geology while trying to find traces of water.


This top-down view of Korolev crater is a mosaic comprised of observations from ESA’s Mars Express orbiter.

ESA/DLR/FU Berlin.

” This image reveals what seems a big spot of fresh, untrodden snow– a dream for any enthusiast of the holiday,” ESA states

However that’s not snow. The crater lies near the northern polar cap and it’s filled with ice that has to do with 1.1 miles (1.8 kilometers) thick near the center.

Korolev gets its icy look from serving as a cold trap.

” The air moving over the deposit of ice cools off and sinks, developing a layer of cold air that sits straight above the ice itself,” ESA discusses. This layer of cold supports the ice and avoids it from heating up and fading away.

The crater extends nearly 51 miles (82 kilometers) throughout, which resembles putting 2 marathons back to back. While it looks welcoming, do not anticipate to go cross-country snowboarding there anytime quickly. We’re far from even setting a human foot on Mars, however we can still dream.