We’re seen Boston Characteristics robotics at work– robotics that can do backflips, open doors and react wisely to various environments

However how about a small frog-like robotic that can wisely get on one leg and play hopscotch?

Satisfy “Salto-1P” a robotic being developed by the Biomimetic Millisystems laboratory at Berkeley, University of California. The work is being supported by an Army Research Study Workplace Grant, that makes me question if among these things is gon na eliminate me one day.

That would be some method to go: death by frightening robot-frog hopscotch.

CNET has covered Salto-1P prior to(it means Saltatorial Place Surface Obstacles) however at that time it was leaping off walls to get height like an insane parkour robotic. Now the scientists have actually advanced their algorithms to the point where Salto-1P can show exact foot positionings. Now it can get on stepping stones or play hopscotch.

We’re nearly afraid about where it may go next. However if we should be butchered in the robotic transformation, may also be butchered by something as adorable as Salto-1P.