Like a sweeping daytime drama, the legend of Jeff Bezos’ love life has actually got it all. It’s a novella of sex, cash, and power, with an excellent step of political intrigue included. And like all great stories, there’s a bad guy.

When it comes to Bezos, the bad guy is cast as the leaker. The source that shared the Amazon CEO’s intimate text to previous TELEVISION host Lauren Sanchez with the National Enquirer.

In a Medium blog site that illuminated the web like a thunderbolt recently, Bezos tossed out a lot of theories about possible political inspirations, while there has actually been lots of speculation that a federal government entity might have acquired his personal messages.

Behind the scenes, Bezos’ interrogator-in-chief, Gavin de Becker, apparently focused one person: Sanchez’s sibling, Michael Sanchez. Media sources are reporting that he is now the primary suspect as being the source of Bezos dripped missives.

Mentioning 2 sources, CNN reported on Wednesday that Sanchez “was the individual who tipped off the National Enquirer” about his sis’s love with Bezos. CNN did not reach stating he dripped the messages.

The Daily Monster, which has actually released a number of discoveries about the legend, and the Associated Press both clearly connected Hollywood representative Sanchez to the messages.

“Several” individuals at the Enquirer’s publisher, American Media Inc (AMI), informed the Monster that it was Sanchez, though AMI decreased to comment when asked by Organisation Expert.

De Becker likewise decreased to comment. He informed the Monster on Sunday that his examination into “who at first supplied texts” to the Enquirer is now total. “We have actually turned our conclusions over to our lawyers for recommendation to police,” he stated.

And there are other pieces in the puzzle.

While AMI’s main position is securing its source, the business’s lawyer Elkan Abramowitz did drop some tips about the identity of the leaker throughout an interview with ABC News over the weekend

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Abramowitz stated it was “a dependable source that had actually been providing details to the National Enquirer for 7 years” which the individual was “popular to both Mr Bezos and Miss Sanchez.” He likewise stated the source was male.

3 days after Abramowitz’s remarks, the Monster reported that Sanchez has actually passed details to the Enquirer about his Hollywood customers for many years, and has actually acknowledged being buddies with Dylan Howard, AMI’s primary content officer.

Sanchez has actually stated himself in an e-mail he sent out to a number of publications, consisting of Organisation Expert, that he spoke with AMI about softening its initial Bezos scoop.

Sanchez states he did not have access to intimate Bezos images

Organisation Expert has actually remained in routine contact with Sanchez for 7 days. He has actually regularly decreased to comment on-the-record about the claims that he passed Bezos’ messages to the Enquirer.

Rather, he has actually sent out frequently prolonged e-mails looking for to deflect attention on to other aspects of the legend, most especially to sling mud at de Becker in an obvious effort to reject his examination.

Jeff Bezos with Lauren Sanchez and her hubby Patrick Whitesell.
Todd Williamson/Getty Images for Amazon Studios

On Thursday, Sanchez sent out Organisation Expert a rejection, in which he concentrated on the intimate pictures Bezos sent out to Lauren Sanchez, including what Howard described as a “listed below the belt selfie” or “d * ck choice.”

The Enquirer did not release these images. It did, nevertheless, release a series of intimate composed messages, in which Bezos revealed his desire for Lauren Sanchez. “I like you, alive lady. I will reveal you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, soon,” Bezos supposedly composed in one text.

Organisation Expert asked Sanchez 3 times whether he had anything to do with dripping these composed messages. He decreased to address, residence exclusively on the pictures.

Sanchez informed BI that de Becker’s examination had actually shown he might not potentially have actually accessed to the pictures. Sanchez did not supply assistance for or describe how de Becker’s examination had actually “shown” this.

He likewise described de Becker’s examination as “Amazon detectives,” although in his article recently, Bezos stated he used de Becker, and made no recommendation to Amazon bearing the cost.

In an e-mail, Sanchez stated: “As the ‘Amazon detectives’ shown, I was never ever sent out the various penis pictures Jeff Bezos sent my sis Lauren. And I never ever had access to the penis pictures. For that reason it is difficult for me to have actually supplied Jeff Bezos’ penis pictures to The National Enquirer.”

“I’m not stating I didn’t do something,” he later on informed Vanity Fair. “Till I go under oath, what I can inform you now is that since April 20, when I satisfied Jeff, my only objective has actually been to safeguard Jeff and Lauren.”

Sanchez went on to dismiss Bezos’ connecting of the leakages to Donald Trump– for whom Sanchez has actually formerly revealed assistance– and Saudi Arabia. He hypothesized that the legend might be based on a variety of future examinations.

“Now, it’s time to take a look at individuals who were sent out the penis pictures, and those who had access to the pictures. Jeff Bezos’ penis pictures are the heart of this scandal,” he stated.

“Following Jeff’s unwarranted allegations that President Trump and the King of Saudi Arabia are in some way associated with his insane conspiracy theory, his penis pictures are crucial to the extortion examinations underway, in addition to the prospective examinations by the SEC, DOJ, Amazon investors, Washington Post, and so on, which are now most likely.”

Gavin de Becker

Bezos’ own examination has actually changed focused from the leaker to AMI, which might imply a few of the political intrigue referenced by the Amazon CEO is checked out in more information, such as the Enquirer’s links to Trump.

“Our examination into what the National Enquirer and [publisher] AMI did after they got the preliminary texts– that examination is continuous,” de Becker informed the Monster.

AMI has actually consistently rejected political inspirations for the story. “American Media absolutely turns down any assertion that its reporting was initiated, determined or affected in any way by external forces, political or otherwise. End of speculation– and story,” it stated recently.