Michael Sanchez, bro of Lauren Sanchez and a crucial gamer in the Jeff Bezos sex text legend, has actually offered his very first TELEVISION interview about his participation in the dripping of Bezos and Lauren Sanchez’s affair.

In an interview with Fox New s, Sanchez explained himself as a close confidante of Bezos and Lauren Sanchez in the run-up to the National Enquirer releasing the couple’s intimate texts in January.

Sanchez, a Hollywood representative, informed Fox that Bezos even approached him for assistance dealing with journalism around the relationship, which accompanied Bezos and his other half, MacKenzie, declaring divorce.

“He stated that he didn’t believe that the Amazon PR group was geared up to manage this sort of story,” Sanchez stated of Bezos, the wealthiest male on the planet. Amazon did not right away react to Company Expert’s ask for remark.

Sanchez included that after Bezos and Lauren Sanchez appeared together at a Blue Origin launch, prior to their relationship was public, “numerous tabloids” were onto the story.

“Let’s cut to the chase: whatever that I did was to safeguard Jeff and Lauren’s love affair. And anybody who believes cash was the intention is a moron,” he stated.

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez go to the guys’s Wimbledon finals.
Adrian Dennis/Reuters

However regardless of efforts to depict a close relationship with his sis and Bezos, Sanchez has actually been consistently implicated of being the source of the National Enquirer’s story on the dripped texts. CNN, The Daily Monster, and Associated Press all connected him with the leakage.

What’s more, Bezos’ private detective and head of security Gavin de Becker composed a post for The Daily Monster in which he stated the National Enquirer’s publisher American Media Inc (AMI) “virtually pinned a ‘kick me’ indication on Michael Sanchez.” De Becker likewise explained Sanchez as “now-estranged” from his sis.

In e-mail and phone exchanges with Company Expert at the start of this year, Sanchez consistently rejected having actually shared “penis pictures” with AMI, however evaded responding to concerns about whether he ‘d dripped the composed messages that formed part of the National Enquirer story.

Fox News reported on Sunday that Bezos’ claims he was blackmailed by AMI with naked selfies is being examined by the United States Lawyer for the Southern District of New York City, which has actually assembled a grand jury that is taking testament on the event. Sanchez stated he would comply with detectives.

“I will comply with any of the examinations into the blackmail claims versus AMI and the hacking claims versus the Saudis. And one point that I wish to make is that all of the examinations so far have actually cleared me of any participation in the listed below the belt selfies, which are the focal point of all of the examinations,” he stated.

You can view Sanchez’s complete interview with Fox here: