It’s lastly occurring: Microsoft‘s Xbox One will quickly assistance mice and keyboards as input gadgets for choose video games.

We initially heard reports of this back in June, and the business’s now verified it. To begin, it’ll open access to this function for members of the Xbox Expert program in the next couple of weeks.

When this performance appears, it’ll depend on video game designers to choose if they’ll support mice and keyboards for their titles; that suggests you will not have the ability to switch your controller for these peripherals on simply any video game.

Microsoft stated that the free-to-play multiplayer video game Warframe will be among the very first titles to obtain mouse and keyboard assistance. As a long time fan of the video game, I’m ecstatic about this. Sure, third-person-space-ninja-robot action is enjoyable enough with a controller, however it’s a lot better when you blend in the accuracy you get with a mouse. If you’re not up on it yet, you owe it to yourself to inspect it out. It’s totally free, too.

The business included that while a lot of wired and cordless mice and keyboards will deal with your console, it’s partnering with Razer to develop ‘best-in-class hardware’ that will show up quickly. You can get a peek at exactly what’s developing in the tweet listed below (spoiler: RGB lighting).

It’ll be fascinating to see if this relocation draws an audience of PC players to the Xbox: I are among those folks who have actually typically avoided consoles due to the fact that I take pleasure in method video games and shooters that benefit considerably from mouse and keyboard input– and I envision I’m not the only one.

Microsoft will expose more information about this function and its brand-new hardware on November 10.

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