Mortal Kombat 11 might include time travel and just finish me, please

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WB Interactive Home entertainment today exposed the very first gameplay video footage of Mortal Kombat 11, the current installation in the venerated battling video game franchise in a splashy expose occasion, and I’m currently fearing the extension of the story.

In regards to what you ‘d anticipate from Mortal Kombat exposes, the program provided. The brand-new video game looks exceptionally gory and weighty, and the group have actually included such brand-new functions as personalized fighters (a function you may acknowledge from its embryonic type in Oppression 2). The group both displayed and teased a motley team of brand-new and returning characters, consisting of Skarlet, a character who lastly appears to have actually determined what clothing are.

For the record, this is what she appeared like in Mortal Kombat 9:

Likewise, Ronda Rousey is obviously changing Tricia Helfer in the function of Sonya Blade. This is a fantastic function for her, due to the fact that I saw Rousey in Quick & Furious 7, and as a starlet … young boy, she’s a hell of a fighter.

So, yeah, jolly excellent and all. Can’t wait to play. However oh dear, I hope this video game does not attempt its hand at a time travel story in an effort to eliminate what took place in the last video game. Possibly I’m ignorant, however I’m hoping we prevent that tawdry cliche.

Yes I understand, it’s a battling video game, so I should not anticipate much from the story, yada yada yada. And sure, I do not enter into the typical computer game dust-up anticipating a grand literary backstory on the level of The Count of Monte Cristo However, a minimum of as far as MKX goes, Netherrealm Studios dedicated a significant quantity of time and effort into the story– and I in fact kinda liked it.

Quick * SPOILER * cautioning: For beginners, it didn’t avoid the downer ending of MK9, making Liu Kang, Kitana, and other heroes from that video game significant bad guys rather. It presented a brand-new generation of fighters so we weren’t taking a look at the exact same 3 or 4 ninjas. Sure, the story was cheesier than a brie pizza inside a fondue pot, however I discovered it rather lovely at the time.

And I value when a franchise a minimum of attempts to shake things up. Otherwise, what is Mortal Kombat, besides a succession of gradually more sensible Sub-Zeros and Scorpions gushing increasingly more syrupy blood at each other?

Now it’s appearing like the video game is desperate to reverse that story, and I can currently inform this time travel things is going to be a headache. It was a headache when it was utilized to reboot the series at the start of MK9, and I see no factor for it to be various now.

The factor I’m getting a major “timey-wimey” ambiance from the expose is mainly the style of the brand-new characters. High beverage of water Geras (who appears to have the sandman-esque powers of MKX‘s Trembling, oddly) has a time-freezing capability he utilizes in his X-ray relocation. Another brand-new addition is a character called “Kronika,” called in the beginning trailer as “The Keeper of Time.” Yeah, if that does not seem like a time-traveling bad guy in an off-brand episode of the Power Rangers, I do not understand what does.

The lots of brand-new characters from MKX are missing from the procedures. Likewise, the characters we do see are looking suspiciously young or rejuvenated considering their scenarios. Liu Kang and Kung Lao look less undead than they were at completion of the last video game. Sonya Blade no longer looks old enough to have a 20- year-old child (though that might be due to the fact that Ronda Rousey is just in her 30 s, however still). Baraka returns despite the fact that he straight-up passed away in MKX

The concept that we’re going to simply reverse whatever that took place in the last video game, so we can have yet another plot where Liu Kang is excellent and the brand-new kid characters are removed simply feels … inexpensive. Please please, Mortal Kombat, do not do that even if you believe fans just wish to see the old characters.

And if you do– well dammit, a minimum of make the fatalies additional gruesome.

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