I’m not from another location a fan of phones dropping the earphone jack, however these are the unfortunate times we reside in. Among my greatest gripes with that choice is that the series of USB-C devices isn’t fantastic, especially in the field of audio equipment.

However I’m pleased that Moshi’s entered the video game with its brand-new Mythro C earphones They draw power from your phone to support the integrated digital-to-analog converter (DAC) chip to provide much better quality audio than other likewise priced buds, and I enjoy to report that they’re quite darn great. If you have actually been adjusting a dongle for your older earphones, this may simply be the set that lets you leave it in the house.

Style and functions

The Mythro C earphones look great enough, with sophisticated aluminium cases, and color-coded buds that make it simple to inform ‘L’ and ‘R’ apart. The inline remote is a little bit bigger than the majority of others I have actually attempted, however that’s due to the fact that it houses a DAC chip in addition to the basic mic for calls.

Moshi Mythro C's buds are color coded so they're easy to tell apart
Credit: Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Moshi Mythro C’s buds are color coded so they’re simple to differentiate

The DAC is suggested to guarantee much better audio quality than the majority of phones permit (more on that in a bit). And in addition to the controls for playback and volume on the remote, there’s likewise a DJ Increase button that engages an adjustable EQ, which you can establish by means of a dead-simple app from Moshi. The button just turns your selected EQ predetermined on and off; you can include more presets and select whichever you ‘d like the DJ Increase function to default to.

The cable television might’ve taken advantage of more resilient building with intertwining or metal case, however sadly it’s simply your ordinary rubber outside. These buds likewise do not included a case, and you’ll need to use the velcro loop to protect them when you’re not utilizing them.

The Moshi Mythro C's remote includes a button to activate a 'DJ Boost' EQ
Credit: Abhimanyu Ghoshal
The Moshi Mythro C’s remote consists of a button to trigger a ‘DJ Increase’ EQ


As a regular commuter, I have actually utilized a lots of earphones over the previous number of years, and I discovered the Mythro C buds to provide really exceptional noise amongst the lot I have actually attempted just recently. With their well balanced output, they work fantastic with a vast array of categories, from metal to hip-hop to folk.

What sets these apart from others in this rate variety is the level of information they can produce without tripping over themselves in the greater frequencies. Spencer Pangborn, Director of Item Marketing for Moshi associates that to the devoted DAC:

USB-C earphones with an integrated DAC will bypass the phone’s own DAC, which is typically lower specification. Mythro C’s DAC carries out the normal digital-to-analog conversion, however a much shorter analog cable television run is required to reach the motorists. This considerably minimizes the capacity for signal destruction, and is the greatest benefit for USB-C earphones.

When It Comes To the DJ Increase, it’s a basic adequate function that works well adequate for when you wish to rock out– however in basic, you can do without it. I delight in turning it on for quieter tracks so I can hear the bass begin– like on Inc. No World’s “5 Days”— or delight in vocals standing apart from a peaceful soundscape– like on Juana Molina’s “A00 B01” Oh, and if you dig well produced hip-hop like things by Run the Jewels, you’ll discover yourself grabbing that increase button quite darn typically.

Moshi's Android app lets you customize an EQ setting to use with your Mythro C earphones
Credit: Abhimanyu Ghoshal
Moshi’s Android app lets you personalize an EQ setting to utilize with your Mythro C earphones

The buds produced a terrific seal in my ears, so it’s simple to truly tune into your music and leave the world behind, about as far as passive sound cancelling equipment will permit you. In between the DAC and the accurate fit, I anticipated listening to familiar albums on my method to work, so I might enjoy them more than I made with other buds.

Who are these earphones for?

If your phone does not have an earphone jack, you ought to certainly think about these earphones. My other preferred USB-C buds are these from Xiaomi, which provide active sound cancellation– however they do not sound half as great. They likewise deal with laptop computers and other gadgets with USB-C ports.

For their asking rate of $50, these earphones provide substantially much better audio quality than the majority of other buds in this variety. If you have actually been searching for a method to update your listening experience on the inexpensive, Moshi’s Mythro C are a terrific method to go.

Discover them on Amazon United States in gray or white

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Released April 4, 2019– 13: 11 UTC.

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