Deciding how you want to light your home doesn’t have to be boring. That’s why I committed to ditching all the traditional lighting at my place and replacing it with smart bulbs, panels and switches. Govee is one of the best brands in the smart lighting business right now, so it made plenty of sense to check out the company’s wares.

Enter the Govee Floor Lamp. 

It’s normally a costly option at $150, but for the week of July Fourth, Amazon has slashed the price to $90 for Prime subscribers. A black version of the lamp is available for $110, as long as you use the $40 off coupon. With these two options, you can choose the version that better fits your home and its aesthetic and still enjoy a solid smart home deal

Like most smart lighting, the Govee floor lamp uses RGB LEDs to offer just about any color you want. We chose green that complements the green in our living room, but It also changes depending on the time of day. What I enjoy about this lamp is the low profile of the lamp itself: You can barely see it, just a small base and a thin line of metal. The focus is on the light rather than the structure.

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The other big selling point is its connection to other Govee products. If you own the Govee Backlight for TVs you can link up all your Govee lights to work in tandem as you watch a movie. It’s a lot of fun to have all of your lights work in sync with a movie like Dune or Mad Max: Fury Road. Even without the backlight, all of your lights are easily controlled by a single app, or Alexa and Google Assistant.