The National Weather condition Service saw the odd light from its Bay Location workplace.

National Weather Condition Service Bay Location.

Citizens of Northern California and individuals as far as Nevada and Oregon got an eyeful of what appeared like an unique result from a sci-fi motion picture on Wednesday night. An odd, intense rugged light appeared in the skies above the San Francisco Bay Location.

The speculation came quickly, with witnesses questioning if the light was triggered by a rocket launch or a UFO. Twitter users presented the #UFO hashtag and some straight-out called it a UFO sighting.

The truth is less amazing. No rockets released that night and we have yet to discover any clinically extensive evidence of alien spacecraft visitations. That leaves us with one great description: an especially beautiful meteor.

The fireball was noteworthy for its brightness, wiggly path and period. Lick Observatory in San Jose, California formally recognized the phenomenon as a meteor

The American Meteor Society got over 120 reports of the fireball. The AMS determined an initial trajectory revealing the fireball would have ended its flight over the Pacific Ocean off the San Francisco Bay.

Pictures and videos flooded social networks. Youtube user marky244 got an especially great appearance with a dash web cam

The National Weather Condition Service Bay Location workplace likewise got a terrific view of the streak.

‘T is the season for fireballs. A police officer in Indiana caught a dash-cam video of a remarkable green fireball on Dec. 12, and the yearly Geminid meteor shower simply passed its peak. The Bay Location occurred to enter upon an amazing specimen of a meteor, no aliens needed.