The image left wing reveals Mars on Sept. 14 and the image on the right reveals the exact same area on Oct. 25.


NASA’s Interest rover went on a hiatus from science operations after it experienced a information transmission issue in September. It’s now back at work. The rover’s position on Mars hasn’t altered, however the view of the surface area neighboring sure has.

Interest staff member Melissa Rice published a rover objective upgrade today stating, “there were some surprises in shop for us!”

A view of the rover’s area from prior to the information problem reveals an aborted drilling operation that left a smattering of gray dust throughout the reddish-brown landscape. The make over from late October reveals the exact same area wiped tidy of the tailings and swept of the brown soil and red dust that existed prior to.

” So while Interest has actually been sitting still, the winds have actually been moving, sweeping the work space tidy,” Rice composes.

The Interest group prepares to take close-up pictures of the cleaned up location to examine information in the rock, especially the lighter veins “peppered with intriguing dark additions.” The rover’s video cameras will likewise take a look around to see if it can find more modifications from the wind.

The scene at Interest’s work website reveals why NASA is confident that winds will assist tidy off the photovoltaic panels on the long-silent Mars Chance rover. Chance lies far from Interest and has actually been peaceful given that June when a worldwide dust storm struck the world.

Mars is heading into an especially windy season, which might last for a number of months. The rovers will invite a brand-new NASA objective in late November when the InSight lander is anticipated to touch down to study the world’s interior and listen for “Marsquakes.”