There are lots of locations to conceal on the ISS.

Anne McClain/NASA.

Welcome to the current episode of Black Mirror, a haunting tale of a near-future world where a mystical Fairy on a Rack appears on the International Spaceport Station and a NASA astronaut need to deal with a stunning predicament: conserve the ISS, or conserve Christmas.

You will not see that description in a Netflix episode guide, however you may believe it after see NASA astronaut Anne McClain’s Tuesday tweet from the ISS revealing a Fairy on a Rack toy strapped into a box of area products.

” I think all of us need to be excellent now,” McClain composed. “I hope with his naughty methods, he does not enter anything TOO crucial.”

The Fairy on Rack is either a cherished or a disturbing vacation custom, depending upon your viewpoint. Moms and dads are expected to conceal them around your house for kids to discover. That’s charming, however they’re likewise viewing you.

” The wonderful Scout Elves assist Santa handle his naughty and great lists by keeping in mind of a household’s Christmas experiences, and reporting back to Santa at the North Pole nighttime,” states the business behind Fairy on a Rack It’s not rather Huge Sibling, however still.

The ISS simply got a freight delivery in a SpaceX Dragon pill, so the fairy might have been a stowaway. You can see a number of pieces of fresh fruit drifting close by.

McClain got here on the ISS after introducing on a Russian Soyuz rocket on Dec. 3 This is her very first area objective, and ideally she can keep the fairy in check through the holiday.