An aurora shines below the ISS.

Christina Koch/NASA.

It appears like somebody spilled the green wildfire from Video Game of Thrones throughout a broad swath of the Earth.

NASA astronaut Christina Koch shared an image on Monday of a radiant aurora as seen from the International Spaceport Station. “No filter,” she ensured us on Twitter.

Long prior to heading to the ISS, Koch hung out in a various sort of severe environment as a scientist at the South Pole “I admired the aurora for motivation through the six-month winter season night,” she composed. “Now I understand they’re simply as awe motivating from above.”

The image reveals 2 Russian spacecraft docked to the ISS, offering an uncommon point of view on the lights listed below.

The aurora isn’t simply dancing for individuals in orbit. Swedish professional photographer Mia Stålnacke has actually been sharing the view from Earth and published a video to Twitter on Sunday of “among the most extreme auroral screens I have actually ever seen.”

Koch need to have more chances ahead to capture some aurora action. She’s set up to stay on the ISS up until February 2020, a legendary 328- day check out that will set the record for the longest single spaceflight by a lady.