Astronauts on the ISS got a shipment of Adidas soccer balls previously this year.


Astronauts perform all sorts of experiments on the International Spaceport Station. They grow lettuce, 3D-print meat and watch mice race around Quickly they will be producing shoe parts for Adidas.

This gizmo will let astronauts make Adidas Increase mid-soles in area.


Adidas revealed a multi-year collaboration with the ISS United States National Lab on Tuesday. Adidas currently sent out balls into area previously in 2019 to “take a look at the habits of free-flying soccer balls in microgravity.” Its next objective is to have astronauts make shoe mid-soles in area.

The shoes and garments business will send out a gadget to the ISS that will inject pellets into a mold for a shoe mid-sole, the layer that goes simply above the tread.

Adidas’ Increase mid-soles look a lot like Styrofoam and the business is question how the pellets will act and mush together in microgravity.

Astronauts will movie the action as it takes place inside the clear mold. Adidas hopes the experiment will happen at some point in2020 It likewise prepares to send out along shoes for the astronauts to check out.

The Adidas collaboration is another example of how NASA has opened the ISS approximately industrial organisations Kids’ network Nickelodeon sent out a supply of “slime” to the ISS on the very same July SpaceX flight that provided the Adidas soccer balls to the station.

We can anticipate more of these NASA collaborations as curious business ask astronauts to age white wine, bake cookies and check out brand-new company frontiers in area. A minimum of the team will be sporting some sweet kicks while they’re drifting around.