Hubble Space Telescope above Earth, photographed during STS-125, Servicing Mission 4, May 2009.
/ Hubble Area Telescope above Earth, photographed throughout STS-125, Maintenance Objective 4, May2009


After NASA’s Hubble Area Telescope gone into “safe” mode about 2 weeks earlier, its operations group has actually been rushing to bring a balky gyroscope back online. Now, the area company states it thinks it has actually repaired the issue.

” The Hubble operations group prepares to carry out a series of tests to examine the efficiency of the gyro under conditions comparable to those experienced throughout regular science observations, consisting of transferring to targets, locking on to a target, and carrying out accuracy pointing,” NASA stated in a press release. “After these engineering tests have actually been finished, Hubble is anticipated to quickly go back to regular science operations.”

Ground operators put the telescope into a steady setup previously this month after among the 3 active gyros that assist point the telescope stopped working. According to NASA, the gyro that stopped working recently had actually been displaying end-of-life habits for about a year, and its failure was not unforeseen.

Hubble has 3 sets of 2 gyroscopes, with each set including a main and back-up gyroscope. Furthermore, in each set, among the gyroscopes is of an “old” style, while the other is an “improved” (or more recent) style meant to last for a longer time period.

After the failure this month, all 3 of the “old” style gyros have actually quit working. This left NASA with 2 improved gyros that were working generally and one that had actually broken down more than 7 years ago prior to being secured of service at that time. The Hubble telescope can run on simply a single gyro, however 3 working ones are optimum for regular operations.

Back to science, quickly

Throughout the last 2 weeks, operators have actually been attempting to bring this 3rd, formerly balky gyro back online. And they’re now reporting some success.

Within the gyroscope is a wheel spinning quickly inside a sealed cylinder, and some obstruction in the fluid around this cylinder seemed triggering mistakenly high spin rates. A series of maneuvers– consisting of turns in opposite instructions– appears to have actually cleared any obstruction.

” Following the October 18 maneuvers, the group saw a substantial decrease in the high rates, enabling rates to be determined in low mode for quick amount of times,” NASA reports. “On October 19, the operations group commanded Hubble to carry out extra maneuvers and gyro mode changes, which appear to have actually cleared the problem. Gyro rates now look regular in both low and high mode.”

Now, the area company prepares to check the gyro under conditions like those throughout regular science activities. When these tests are done, the telescope must resume regular science observations.

The Hubble Area Telescope has actually functioned considering that its launch in 1990.