Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET.

In event of the 10 th anniversary of NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Area Telescope, NASA has actually called 21 brand-new gamma-ray constellations.

NASA has actually um … gone a bit off the reserve when it concerns calling them.

Take “Hulk” for instance, which is called for The Extraordinary Hulk!



Yep, that’s The Extraordinary Hulk alright.

Here’s the important things: These constellations aren’t based upon stars, they’re based upon gamma rays, as observed by the Fermi telescope. That makes overall sense when you think about that Bruce Banner ended up being The Extraordinary Hulk as an outcome of gamma radiation. Genius!

” Gamma rays are the greatest kind of light,” discussed NASA “They load enough punch to transform into matter under the ideal situations, a change both Banner and the Hulk would definitely value.”

However the Hulk isn’t the only popular culture recommendation NASA has actually handled to drop. There’s likewise a gamma-ray constellation called after Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer and the Tardis, from Physician Who

They have actually likewise called one after Godzilla



” Godzilla’s hallmark weapon is its ‘heat ray,’ an intense jet,” stated NASA, which has actually plainly invested method excessive time thinking of this. “This bears a minimum of a passing similarity to gamma-ray jets related to great voids and neutron stars.”

You can take a look at all 21 constellations, in addition to extensive descriptions, here