Keep In Mind when Elon Musk got high with Joe Rogan throughout an interview in 2015? It appeared like great, legal enjoyable at the time. It ends up that toke expense United States taxpayers 5 million dollars.

NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine started a security and culture evaluation of SpaceX the minute he learnt that Elon Musk, a specialist who holds a supersecret security clearance, had actually been shot taking in drugs.

Per a report from The Washington Post in 2015:

The evaluation was triggered by the current habits of SpaceX’s creator, Elon Musk, according to 3 authorities with understanding of the probe, after he took a hit of cannabis and drank scotch on a podcast streamed on the Web. That rankled some at NASA’s greatest levels and triggered the firm to take a close take a look at the culture of the business, individuals stated.

Marijuana might be legal for adult leisure usage in California, where Musk was throughout the interview, however it’s prohibited at the federal level. In reality, the United States federal government categorizes marijuana as an Arrange I drug— much like heroin and crystal meth. This indicates, for all intents and functions, Musk did the legal equivalent of soaring heroin on live TELEVISION. That might sound dumb, and it is, however you can blame the DEA

NASA’s reaction to Musk’s prohibited usage of “drugs” was to buy a security and culture evaluation of SpaceX and Boeing. Musk has absolutely nothing to do with Boeing, however both business are dealing with comparable jobs for NASA.

Politico today broke the news that NASA reorganized the SpaceX agreement to consist of an extra 5 million dollars worth of payments from the United States federal government to the Musk-helmed business, for the specific function of compensating it for expenditures connected with the security evaluation.

Boeing got no such additional payment.

Per the report:

NASA, for its part, stated it is “basic practice” for a business to get extra cash for work not consisted of in the initial agreement, however did not straight react to concerns about why it didn’t provide the extra funds to Boeing.

Paying a specialist additional to do such an evaluation does not appear to have any precedent, according to numerous area market veterans.

It’s tough to swallow the concept that SpaceX’s agreement with NASA didn’t initially have a proviso for “security” evaluations.

Anyhow, United States taxpayers, here’s what we got for our $5 million:

NASA paid SpaceX for security evaluation after Musk smoked pot
on Politico

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