While the Chance rover is yet to be awakened from its dust-induced sleep, NASA has actually carried out digital brain surgical treatment on Interest.

Given That Sept. 15, the Interest rover, initially released in 2012, has actually experienced a couple of technical problems It’s having a hard time to return to Earth much of the science and engineering information it has actually gathered. That little misstep has actually seen engineers at the Jet Propulsion Lab choose to change to Interest’s 2nd brain.

Interest has 2 computer systems– which NASA adoringly called “brains”— on board due to the fact that redundant systems are necessary for checking out far-off lands, obviously. With the problem impacting the “Side B” computer system, JPL engineers have actually changed to Side A. That will permit the engineers to detect simply what is triggering Interest problem.

Especially, Side A was the “brain” that Interest was utilizing when it arrived at the red world in2012 On sol 200, practically 2,000 sols back, NASA engineers changed to Side B due to the fact that of software and hardware problems that saw Interest disregarding orders as its battery drained pipes.

” We are running on Side A beginning today, however it might take us time to completely comprehend the origin of the problem and create workarounds for the memory on Side B,” described Steven Lee, Interest’s deputy job supervisor.

Though it’s possible to continue its objective specifically utilizing Side A, when the issue is discovered and fixed, JPL will aim to change back to Side B since that computer system has a much bigger memory.

It hasn’t been an especially fantastic couple of months for Mars rovers. With the massive dust storm that settled over the world obstructing important sunshine at the start of June, NASA’s other rover– Chance– has actually been hibernating. The organisation is holding out hope that Chance will be back online quickly Interest’s potential customers are a lot much better, however it will require time to completely comprehend what’s avoiding the rover from saving and sending out information.

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