This natural-color view from NASA’s Terra satellite reveals the Excellent Lakes area on Sunday.

Joshua Stevens/NASA EOSDIS/LANCE/GIBS/ Worldview.

While individuals down on Earth are freezing their tushies off as a polar vortex sweeps throughout parts of the United States, NASA’s eyes in the sky are looking down from the cold environments of area. The area firm published a Wednesday upgrade with a view from its Terra satellite.

The Terra image on Sunday revealed “cloud streets,” long stripes of cumulus clouds, and snow reaching throughout the Excellent Lakes.

NASA likewise shared a take a look at the cold air mass reaching down into the northern United States as visualized with information go through the GEOS-5 worldwide climatic design.

” Measurements of temperature level, wetness, wind speeds and instructions, and other conditions are assembled from NASA satellites and other sources, and after that contributed to the design to carefully imitate observed truth,” states NASA


This map reveals a designed view of the polar vortex.

Joshua Stevens/GEOS -5/ NASA EOSDIS/LANCE/GIBS/ Worldview.

The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration tweeted a significant take a look at the Excellent Lakes on Wednesday. The time-lapse series reveals a white veil forming over the location as the cold Arctic air mass rises south.

The freezing weather condition is activating closures, flight cancellations and a minimum of 6 weather-related deaths up until now. “It’ll be chillier in Chicago that it remains in parts of the Polar circle. Even the South Pole is anticipated to be warmer than parts of the United States,” states CBS News