The rough and rocky landscape of Mars continues to take a toll on the wheels of NASA’s Interest rover. As part of a regular examination, Interest snapped some brand-new pictures of its wheels today.

The majority of the pictures do not look too worrying, however one in specific reveals some remarkable holes and fractures in the aluminum.

The Mars rocks are offering Interest’s wheels a tough time.


NASA has actually been tracking Interest’s wheel damage for several years, seeing it increase from damages to holes to real fractures in a few of the raised treads. Images from early 2017 provided the very first proof of the tread damage, with the left-middle wheel revealing the most tension.

The car-size Interest rolls around on 6 wheels. NASA has actually currently carried out procedures created to safeguard them, consisting of a software application upgrade that changes the speed of the rover’s wheels to lower pressure from rocks.

NASA stated in 2017 that it totally anticipates the wheels to last for the life of the objective. The rover has actually passed through over 12 miles (19 kilometers) throughout Mars given that landing in 2012.

The Interest group is preparing to reconsider at the wheels after the rover takes a brief drive in Windstorm Crater as it continues its research studies of the Mount Sharp location. It’s presently observing a localized dust storm, which will not impact the rover’s capability to do its work.