An intense fireball blazed a smoky, steamy path throughout the Florida sky Friday afternoon as it hurried to its last fate over Vinales, Cuba. Minutes later on, a loud sonic boom preceded the meteor separating and drizzling pieces down on the western end of the island country.

Recently published information from NASA and United States federal government sensing units state the bolide’s crash with our environment launched as much energy as 1,400 lots of TNT.

Such effective meteoroid occasions in fact aren’t all that unusual, however they normally occur over the ocean or uninhabited locations with couple of prospective witnesses. A more effective blast was in fact taped when a meteor went into the environment off the coast of Madagascar on Sept.25


The International Meteor Company reports that numerous individuals experienced the unusual daytime fireball and 13 submitted eyewitness reports from Fort Myers to the Florida Keys and off the coast of Cuba.

National Weather condition Service radar in Secret West likewise got the area rock catching its crash with our environment. The company reported that “a signature was discovered near Viñales, Cuba, at a height of over 26,000 feet above ground level.”

The fireball was captured as an intense, smoky flash in this cam video from Fort Meyers, Florida:

Nearly instantly after the phenomenon in the sky, reports started to emerge that meteorite pieces had actually been discovered on the ground in western Cuba.

The occasion is among the most remarkable meteor strikes we have actually seen considering that a much bigger bolide took off over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in2013 The resulting sonic boom and shock wave equated to 440,000 lots of TNT and burnt out countless windows, triggering many small injuries on the ground.

Reporter Hatzel Vela reported from Vinales that some windows were broken by Friday’s occasion, however no injuries have actually yet been become aware of.