The blue light appears towards the best side of this picture of InSight’s seismometer.


” No cause for alarm, Captain!” That’s what NASA’s InSight objective group reported on Twitter Wednesday.

William Shatner, Captain Kirk from Star Trek, had a pushing concern for the area company about an unusual radiance seen in an image from Mars.

” What is the glossy bluish light to the right?” Shatner tweeted after seeing a NASA GIF revealing the InSight lander’s seismometer settling into position on the surface area of the Red World.

The blue light appears in numerous of the images the lander has actually returned NASA provided this description: “Simply a little lens flare as the sun dips short on the horizon.” The pictures utilized for the seismometer GIF were both taken soon prior to sundown.

The lens flare description undoubtedly resulted in a reference of director J.J. Abrams, popular for his usage of lens flare in sci-fi motion pictures.

InSight arrived on Mars on Nov. 26, 2018 and has actually settled in to study the world’s interior, consisting of analyzing marsquakes with its seismometer. NASA intends to discover more about how rocky worlds are formed.

The captivating blue lens flare is simply another product in a long line of odd Mars sightings that really have harmless descriptions. In 2015, the Interest rover identified a piece of “foreign item particles” that ended up being a rock and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped an image of Pac-Man that was brought on by a dune in a crater.

The InSight group has actually been tweeting in very first individual as though the lander itself is making up the messages, that makes the exchange in between Captain Kirk and the Mars maker even more capitivating.