Interest postures for a selfie at Vera Rubin Ridge.


Interest is carrying on. NASA’s Mars rover has actually been in home at a location called Vera Rubin Ridge for over a year, however it’s now prepared to go examine an amazing brand-new area of Mars. Initially, nevertheless, it struck a present.

The rover spent some time on Jan. 15 to snap the 57 images required to create a fresh selfie. The composite image reveals the rover looking hearty and hale. You can see a bit of the wheel damage NASA has actually been keeping an eye on, however the holes and fractures aren’t anticipated to slow the maker down.

The selfie reveals a dirty horizon thanks to a regional storm. A little drill hole shows up to the lower left of the rover.

Interest is now heading for a “clay-bearing system” south of the ridge. The rover group has actually been advising Interest to take a series of brief drives as it looks for the shift point from the ridge’s bedrock to the clay-rich location.

” Clay minerals in this system might hold more ideas about the ancient lakes that assisted form the lower levels on Mount Sharp,” NASA states This is the start of an interesting brand-new chapter in Interest’s journey.