Jupiter’s moon Io watched the gas giant in the Juno image.

NASA/SwRI/MSSS/ with processing by Amanda Kooser/CNET.

Hint up Feline Stevens’ Moonshadow. NASA’s Juno spacecraft embraced a beautiful flyby of Jupiter in September and returned a beautiful view of the moon Io dropping an ideal shadow on the swirly gas giant.

I took my own chance at processing the Juno raw image NASA launched recently. You can likewise see what among the pros made with it. Resident researcher and NASA software application engineer Kevin Gill shared his variation of the image, which actually makes Jupiter’s appealing climatic developments pop out.

Astrophysicist Katie Mack required to Twitter to describe why the shadow of Io on Jupiter is so sharp while the moon’s shadow in the world appears fuzzy throughout a lunar eclipse.

” Io is so huge and close that it more than obstructs the Sun (it appears 4x as huge as the Sun from Jupiter’s point of view) and it’s so close that the penumbra (fuzzy external edge of shadow) is incredibly thin,” Mack composed. So that’s why Io’s shadow appears like a portable hole from a Looney Tunes animation.

Juno got in orbit around Jupiter in mid-2016 and has actually returned some impressive views of the world. NASA motivates the general public to download and procedure images from the objective

Juno isn’t the only eyes on Jupiter. An amateur astronomer saw something huge smashing into the gas giant in August. It wasn’t as mild as Io’s shadow, however both occasions reveal that Jupiter is an occurring location in the planetary system with lots of clinical sightseeing to provide us.