Interest is one lovely rover.


After formally losing the Chance rover to a dust storm on Mars, fans of devices on the Red World were beginning to get anxious about NASA’s still-functioning Interest rover. The rover site had not gotten objective updates or brand-new raw images for a week.

Now we understand why.

NASA revealed Friday that Interest experienced a “misstep throughout boot-up” the previous Friday. This set off the rover to enter into safe mode and disrupted its prepared science activities.

Interest has actually considering that effectively booted over 30 times without any indication of more issues, however the rover group is still getting and browsing technical information to detect the mystical problem.

” We’re presently working to take a photo of its memory to much better comprehend what may have taken place,” stated Steven Lee, Interest’s deputy task supervisor. NASA is putting the rover’s science operations on hold while it examines.

The rover has actually encountered some technical snafus in the past, consisting of a memory problem in late 2018

Interest is presently checking out a fascinating brand-new clay area of Mars nicknamed Glen Torridon The group is considering a possible drilling area at a range of 656 feet (200 meters) away.

Ideally, Interest will quickly get the all-clear from NASA to resume its science responsibilities.