Interest snapped this captivating selfie of its “head” in early 2018.


It can be hard enough to fix a computer system that’s right in front of you. NASA needs to handle the procedure on another world as the Interest rover continues to experience problems on Mars. The current issue triggered the rover group to change computer systems totally.

NASA provided an upgrade on Tuesday stating Interest’s Side-A computer system experienced a reset on March 6, activating the rover’s safe mode. This is the 2nd time the computer system suddenly reset in the last 3 weeks. NASA called the February occurrence a “misstep throughout boot-up.” The company states the resets were associated with the computer system’s memory.

Interest returned to science operations, however the brand-new concern triggered NASA to change the rover over to its Side-B computer system, which it had actually been utilizing for the majority of the objective. A memory problem in late 2018 triggered NASA to change the rover’s “brains” from Side-B to Side-A. Now we’re back to Side-B.

The rover group reformatted the Side-B computer system to separate bad memory locations. NASA hopes this will treat its 2018 problems. Interest is now out of safe mode as soon as again and is prepared to resume science operations as quickly as Wednesday.

Interest has actually endured technical snafus prior to and is the only staying rover still operating on Mars. NASA stated an end to the Chance rover objective in February, months after a dust storm blotted out its photovoltaic panels.

NASA plans to send out a buddy to the Red World with the prepared launch of the Mars 2020 rover, however we’re all enjoying Interest’s experiences and misadventures with a watchful eye till the next rover gets here.