This NASA animation reveals the InSight lander pressing Rolling Stones Rock.


Some day a long period of time from now, an astronaut tourist guide might march onto the dirty surface area of the Red World, indicate a little stone simply beyond NASA’s quiet InSight lander and reveal, “Which, my pals, is Rolling Stones Rock.”

Let’s simply let that sink in. There is now a rock on Mars that’s referred to as “ Rolling Stones Rock

Forget Toppling Dice. We have actually got a toppling Mars rock.


The Stones required to the phase in Pasedena, California on Thursday night for the band’s No Filter trip. The Rose Bowl place is close to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

In Some Way Robert Downey Jr. got knotted in all of this. The Iron Male star made the Mars rock statement prior to the band played.

All of it began with a strange teaser video from Downey previously on Thursday. “This might be the most amazing thing I have actually ever done,” Downey stated, which might be the overstatement of the year.

It’s not simply any old Mars rock. NASA’s InSight lander touched down on earth in November2018 The device’s thrusters disrupted the golf ball-sized rock, sending it rolling 3 feet (1 meter) throughout the ground.

” It’s the farthest NASA has actually seen a rock roll while landing a spacecraft on another world,” the area company stated in a release on Thursday. A picture of the rock reveals the path it left on the dirty ground.

” I have actually seen a great deal of Mars rocks over my profession,” stated NASA geologist Matt Golombek. “This one most likely will not remain in a great deal of clinical documents, however it’s absolutely among the coolest.”

Downey concurs. “Often the world does seriously cool things,” he tweeted after the expose.

NASA shared a buzz video revealing an animation of InSight landing on Mars set to the tune of the Stones’ It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (However I Like It).

The Rolling Stones Rock name is casual, however NASA states it will appear on working maps of the world.

Maybe this will motivate Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to remodel a few of their timeless tunes, like If You Can’t Mars Rock Me, Street Battling Martian or Paint It Red (World).