NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/ MSSS/Kevin M. Gill.

In The World, a few of 2018’s finest dramas consisting of A Star Is Born, Roma, Vice and Green Book will vie for Finest Photo at the 2019 Oscars

However in the far reaches of the planetary system, an adventurous NASA spacecraft is wandering along, all set to upstage them all.

In February, NASA’s Jovian explorer, Juno, made its 18 th close flyby of Jupiter, coming within 13,000 kilometers (approx. 8,000 miles) of its roiling clouds. The photo above was snapped by the spacecrafts JunoCam imager as Juno wandered over the northern hemisphere. The big brown area to the left of the photo sits within the swirling air currents of an area referred to as Jet N6.

Person researcher Kevin M. Gill plucked the image from JunoCam’s raw image database, color-enhancing the area of interest. The initial image is listed below.

And the award for Finest Photo goes to …


As Juno swings around Jupiter, it’s continuously snapping pictures of the gas giant like an overenthusiastic paparazzo. Because swinging into orbit in July 2016, Juno has actually found all sorts of fascinating phenomena within Jupiter’s clouds– like a dolphin, Van Gogh paintings and a huge poo— and it even turned its video cameras towards the Jovian moons

Juno was initially set up to crash into Jupiter in 2015, however NASA extended the Y-shaped spacecraft’s objective till 2021, enabling it to swing around our planetary system’s most significant world for another 2 years.

Surprisingly enough, Juno, the 2007 movie starring Ellen Page was chosen for the very best Photo Oscar in2008 It did not win.