Anne McClain throughout a spacewalk on the ISS on March 22.


NASA has a hodgepodge of spacewalks on tap for the next 3 months. The area firm revealed the upcoming International Spaceport station action on Monday.

NASA’s live TELEVISION feed is anticipated to transmit “what might end up being a record speed of 10 complex spacewalks” beginning on Sunday, Oct. 6. This rate of spacewalks has actually not been seen considering that the ISS was finished in 2011, NASA stated.

The spacewalks will concentrate on required station upkeep jobs. The very first half of the slate will include changing solar range batteries as part of a continuous upgrade procedure. We enjoyed a previous battery-replacement spacewalk in March. This job has actually been in progress considering that early 2017.

The next 5 spacewalks are anticipated to start in November and will take on the repair of the station’s Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a particle physics detector connected to the outside of the ISS. This instrument is on an objective to assist researchers examine some sturdy topics, consisting of dark matter and antimatter. NASA explains it as searching for “what deep space is made from and how it started.”

If you prepare to (gradually) binge-watch all of the spacewalks, you’ll require to tune in beginning on Sunday around 4: 50 a.m. PT for the very first battery-replacement walk in area. NASA Tv protection will begin at 3: 30 a.m.

NASA will reveal scheduling information for the other spacewalks as they get closer, however you can go on and get pumped for all the upcoming spacesuit action.