NASA’s Chance Mars rover was developed to last simply 90 Martian sols, or 92 Earth days. However the scrappy device surprised engineers by making it through far longer than that. The rover held up against almost 15 years of difficult conditions on Mars prior to lastly surrendering to a violent dust storm that shook the Martian world last June

NASA made one last not successful effort to phone Chance on Tuesday prior to stating the objective formally over.

“When this little rover landed, the goal was to have it have the ability to move 1,100 backyards and make it through for 90 days on Mars,” NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated on Wednesday. “Rather here we are, 14 years later on, after 28 miles of travel, and we get to commemorate completion of this objective.”

Chance introduced towards Mars on July 7, 2003 and landed there on January 25,2004 Engineers at NASA did not anticipated the solar-powered device to weather a single Martian winter season; however in the end, the golf-cart-sized rover handled to crawl more than a marathon’s range on the red world.

After Mars withstood a worldwide dust storm last summer season that covered the world in red dirt, the resulting darkness made it too difficult for Chance to record much-needed solar energy. NASA hasn’t heard a peep from the golf-cart sized rover given that it was taken into a nap in safe mode throughout the huge storm. It ended up being the robotic’s last rest.

Here’s an appearance back at what the Chance rover achieved throughout its not likely journey on Mars.