The Interest rover’s wheel has some damage in this image from July 7.


NASA’s Interest rover is geared up with difficult aluminum wheels, however they’re not leaving simple on Mars. The red world’s rocky landscape continues to take a toll on the rover, as brand-new pictures of wheel damage program.

The rover utilized the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) video camera on the completion of its robotic arm to take a close take a look at its wheels on July 7. This is practically the rover equivalent of checking the bottom of your boots after opting for a rocky walking.

Yep, those are some holes in Interest’s wheel.


The wheels are dented and pockmarked from passing through rough ground. What’s most worrying are the lots of fractures and straight-out holes noticeable throughout the treads.

While the damage looks frightening, the wheels are really doing a respectable task of hanging in there.

” Although the wheels have actually established some holes, the screening and modeling that have actually been done because early 2014 suggest that Interest can still take a trip a variety of kilometers on these wheels,” Interest staff member Roger Craig Wiens composed in an objective upgrade

The rover has actually taken a trip 12.99 miles (2091 kilometers) because reaching Mars in 2012, so the wheels need to still be functional for rather a long time.

NASA checks in on Interest’s wheels frequently. A view from early this year looked simply as surprising as the brand-new images. The damage will not improve, however Interest’s group has actually designed smart methods to resolve it, consisting of changing the speed of the rover’s wheels to decrease pressure from rocks.

With Chance now defunct, Interest is NASA’s only staying Mars rover. A minimum of till the brand-new Mars 2020 rover shows up.