NASA will land InSight: a brand-new $830- million Mars lander that will penetrate the red world’s tricks like never ever previously.

InSight took off in May and is anticipated to arrive at Monday, however it’s simply among lots of robotic and satellite objectives that humankind has actually soared to Mars over the years.

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These spacecraft have actually beamed back spectacular images, motivated sci-fi motion pictures like “ The Martian“, and even assisted offer Elon Musk, the creator of SpaceX, the concept to colonize the red world with the Huge Falcon Rocket

While researchers easily confess they have much to learn more about Mars, consisting of the world’s internal structure (a secret InSight will attempt to resolve), what we have actually discovered up until now is unbelievable.

Here are 13 remarkable truths about Mars and our robotic expedition of the red world.