Chinese audiences could not get enough of the sci-fi film “The Wandering Earth,” and now much more individuals can see it thanks to Netflix’s international reach.

Netflix purchased the rights to the smash hit in February, and it’s now streaming internationally The film follows humanity’s efforts to move Earth out of its planetary system due to the fact that the sun has actually broadened to the point where it will ruin the world.

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Directed by Frant Gwo and based upon the novella of the very same name by Liu Cixin, “The Wandering Earth” has actually made $691 million at the Chinese ticket office. It is among the greatest motion pictures of the year and the second-biggest film in the China ever, behind 2017’s “Wolf Warrior 2,” which earned $854 million.

And it’s presently larger than “Avengers: Endgame,” which is the highest-grossing Hollywood film in China ever with $575 million up until now.

Netflix does not run out of China, however it has actually discovered success in other areas by getting special streaming rights to popular material outside their areas. A fine example is the UK, where different sort of licensing plans Netflix has actually made have actually caused hits such as “Bodyguard” and “The Last Kingdom.”

Netflix has actually just recently been concentrating on Asia more than ever in the want to increase its existence there. Late in 2015, Netflix revealed 17 brand-new Asian originals, consisting of 8 brand-new Indian initial motion pictures.