The current E3 trailer for the Avengers video game has actually generated some speculation that the video game might consist of a crossover with the PS4 Spider-Man video game. Some are expecting a video game variation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe– which is not likely, however would be fantastic if it ended up being real.

The proof for the crossover is, undoubtedly, a little lightweight in the beginning glimpse. In Spider-Man, need to you and your friendly community Peter Park go to the Avengers tower in the Upper East Side, he’ll state something to the impact of, “Regrettable they’re never ever around. They’re on the West Coast or something.”

In the trailer for the Avengers video game, the Avengers are undoubtedly on the West Coast, San Francisco particularly, when something called “A-Day” takes place that fractures the group. Was Peter on to something or was that simply a sly dig at the in-comics West Coast Avengers that coincidentally presages the brand-new video game?

Likewise, the bad guy Taskmaster appears in both video games, though offered he’s not a bad guy particular to any one rogues gallery (if I keep in mind properly), that might likewise simply be a coincidence. Fantastic minds, yeah?

The most enthusiastic analysis of this theory is that it establishes a video game variation of the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, the extraordinary genre-spanning movie franchise that’s been a staple of movie theater for the last eleven years. The early MCU films just meant the crossovers to come with subtle Easter Eggs in each movie– the very first and most remarkable being GUARD dogsbody Representative Coulson.

So could this subtle nod suggest a crossover to come?

The very factor it’s not likely is the very same reason that it ‘d be interesting if it holds true– both video games are being made by various business. The Avengers video game is being established by Crystal Characteristics and Square Enix, while Spider-Man is an item of Insomniac. So if there actually were some genuine interaction in between the 2 that resulted in the Spider-Man Easter Egg, then that implies Disney might be uniting various business, pooling the skills of numerous advancement groups the very same method the MCU finished with outstanding character stars and directors.

Besides this, information about the Avengers video game are still little. We understand each Avenger will have their own ability, which there will be co-op play. Honestly it looks a bit like LEGO Marvel Super Heroes— and by the method, if this Marvel Video gaming Universe theory does not work out, you can a minimum of constantly return to playing among those video games, due to the fact that they currently provide all the zany crossover action anybody might desire.