When we think of threatened animals in Afrika at threat of termination or being poached, we typically consider elephants and rhinos. This can be credited to different elements consisting of increased promotion around the increasing hazards that rhinos and elephants deal with from poachers.

Nevertheless, there are other threatened animal types in Afrika that likewise need as much security and promotion.

Take the addax antelopes in Niger as an example. In 2016, the Sahara Preservation Fund (SCF) launched their research study report which mentioned there were most likely just a handful of addax antelopes, particularly just 3, staying in the wild in Niger

The circumstance had actually weakened significantly as a couple of years prior to the 2016 report, scientists reported there were likely just 200 addax antelopes staying in the wild in Niger. This is due to the fact that of, as it is with rhinos and elephants, heavy poaching of addax antelopes along with their environment (Sahara desert) being under hazard from oil setups run by the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and associated advancement that features oil expedition and drilling.

As an outcome, Niger is now relying on utilizing drones as a way of monitoring and securing the antelopes in its Termit and Tin Toumma nature reserve.

Utilizing innovation to secure wildlife

The drones will be utilized to assist keep track of not just the threatened addax antelopes, however likewise the dama gazelle, and cheetahs that likewise stroll the park.

Surprisingly, a French business called Noe has actually been granted the 20 year agreement to provide the drones and offer any involved services associating with running the drones and keeping track of the animals.

This is fascinating due to the fact that it has actually been exposed and extremely reported that the U.S.A. is constructing a big drone base in Niger. This base was likewise exposed when iAfrikan previously in 2018 checked out the Strava heatmap for its physical fitness gadgets which are likewise utilized by U.S.A.’s army workers.

It might simply be co-incidence that a European business is establishing to utilize drones to keep track of wildlife for a 20 year duration in the exact same nation that the U.S.A. is constructing a $240 million drone military base, or is that more than simply a co-incidence?

The addax antelopes stroll both Chad and Niger and it’s hoped that with the intro of the drones, they will be safeguarded from poaching.

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