Nintendo exposed today it’ll be launching an updated variation of the Change, with a longer-lasting battery. So now we can play Breath of the Wild for over 5 hours– as if we weren’t doing that currently.

The business initially exposed the brand-new design by means of the Nintendo Japan Twitter:

According to Nintendo’s Japanese site, this brand-new variation of the Change runs four-and-a-half to 9 hours from one battery charge. For recommendation, the existing design lasts about two-and-a-half to six-and-a-half hours. To even more drive the point house, the business states playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will diminish the initial in 3 hours, and the brand-new design in five-and-a-half hours. That’s a quite substantial upgrade, and I aspire to see if tests substantiate those claims (all right, perhaps I simply desire a reason to play more Breath of the Wild).

When it comes to what else may be under the hood of this upgrade, Nintendo’s FCC filings may supply an idea. In a current letter, the business asked for a “Class II Permissive Modification” for the Change, mentioning that it altered the system on a chip, in addition to the NAND memory. The brand-new design would likewise have a brand-new CPU board to accommodate the modifications. There’s no other way to understand for sure if the battery-rich Change will be the one to have the brand-new parts, however it’s a possibility.

The news comes a little couple of days after Nintendo exposed the Change Lite, the portable only variation of its console. Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America manager, informed CNET there would not be another brand-new hardware release this year– the reports of a Change Pro appear to have actually been significantly overemphasized or a minimum of early. As appealing as the concept of a more hardware-intense Change is, it appears we’ll need to wait a little bit longer for it.

Approved, this will not repair among the Change’s significant issues– the so-called Joy-Con drift, where the Change will respond as though you have actually pressed the Joy-Con’s thumbstick, even if you have not. There have actually been rather a variety of reports can be found in about this concern considering that the console’s launch 2 years back. There are numerous descriptions for all of it over Reddit, however the basic agreement appears to be that it’s a hardware irregularity that has yet to be repaired.

According to the item page on the Nintendo site, the brand-new variation of the Change ought to be offered in mid-August this year.

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