Nintendo is teasing a brand-new development for the Change and it’s … sort of strange. It’s an unusual rubber ring and the business will not in fact state what it’s for.

So exactly what is this ring? Um … I do not in fact understand. It seems made from rubber, provided how enthusiastically individuals in the video flex it. It likewise has slots along the side where you can fit Joy-Con. The video likewise reveals users placing on some sort of leg band with another Joy-Con slotted into it.

All we need to go on is the trailer, provided I do not believe we have actually even seen a patent for this thing prior to now. However the trailer makes it quite clear this thing is fitness-oriented. The immaculately-dressed nouveaus riche who utilize it in the trailer flex, stretch, and jog anxiously in location while holding it, in the way of the old Wii commercials. Far be it for me to tease these stars doing the sincere work of offering this unidentified item, however the entire video is unintended funny gold.

At no point do they reveal you the video game these individuals are utilizing the product with, which is a bit odd. Nintendo simply had a Direct expose– the very same one where it exposed its brand-new slate of SNES video games for Change– so it’s unusual it ‘d expose something brand-new so right after that. Most likely the video game will be whatever the Change variation of Wii Fit is (pray to Cthulhu they do not call it the “Change Fit,” since that sounds too wacky for words). While not likely, I’m sort of hoping whatever-this-is works with the upcoming Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

To be frank, my only objection to it is that it looks unusual and a little troublesome. Still, Nintendo marches to the beat of a really various drummer. Anything that looks strange or versus the grain by traditional metrics is practically ensured to make the Huge N loan hand over fist. The Change is currently supporting the similarity Labo– I think a huge rubber hoop isn’t that tough to offer by contrast. Let’s simply hope this thing does not go the method of the Wii Balance Board, specifically a forgotten cabinet someplace.

According to the teaser trailer, we’ll understand more on September 12.

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