We have actually understood for a while that the OnePlus 6T would introduce on October30 It’s set to be OnePlus’ most enthusiastic gadget to date, with pre-launch protection indicating a smaller sized notch, and in-display finger print reader, and main provider assistance through T-Mobile

However then Apple revealed it was hosting an occasion the very same day.

For all of OnePlus’ appeal, it’s still no Apple. Making matters worse, Apple’s occasion would be kept in New york city, indicating a great deal of reporters would possibly need to double up on protection. So OnePlus did the very best it might do when handled a bad hand– it moved the occasion up by one day, to October 29.

In a article, OnePlus’ Pete Lau stated the choice wasn’t ignored, however it eventually made one of the most sense. Reporters would need to divide their attention, and possibilities are OnePlus would get the brief stick.

Likewise of note, unlike Apple’s occasion, OnePlus’ is open to fans too, and some purchased tickets to fly into New york city for the launch. Lau states those fans can get a refund to their flight tickets or hotel dates.

As one of the lots of tech reporters who needs to cover both occasions, I have one remark: Thank God.

Released October 19, 2018– 19: 58 UTC.