Example of the location of legs and body utilized to count biting flies on painted cows.

Tomoki Kojima/Plos One.

What if cows could prevent flies from biting them simply by using stripes?

According to a brand-new research study released in PLOS ONE, when Japanese scientists painted zebra-style stripes on cows, biting flies troubled them half as much than cows without stripes.

The concept is that stripes might undoubtedly puzzle bug movement detection systems that manage whether flies method or arrive at the striped animal.

For the research study, scientists painted 6 Japanese Black cows with black-and-white stripes, then observed cows with and without painted stripes for 3 days.

Scientists snapped high-resolution pictures of the livestock at different times to count the variety of bugs plaguing the cows. They likewise observed the cows to see if they marked their legs, moved their tails and and other typical physical habits to drive away the flies.


Examples of speculative cows with and without painted stripes. (a) Black-and-white striped livestock (B&W) with white lacquer, (b) Black-striped livestock (B) with black lacquer, (c) No stripe livestock.

Tomoki Kojima/Plos One.

Scientists continued to view the striped cows to see if the paint chemicals really drove away the flies. According to the arise from research study, the variety of biting flies seen on the striped cows was less than half the number seen on unpainted cows.

” We discovered that painting zebra-like stripes on cows can reduce the occurrence of biting flies landing on people by 50%,” according to the research study’s findings. “We likewise discovered that the lowered landings of biting flies accompany a decrease in protective habits in cows.”

Presently, the animals market utilizes pesticides on livestock to combat off biting flies, however this research study might show there is a less harmful, and perhaps less expensive, alternative to utilizing chemicals.

” This work offers an alternative to using standard pesticides for reducing biting fly attacks on animals that enhances animal well-being and human health, in addition to assisting solve the issue of pesticide resistance in the environment,” the research study specified.