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/ Outside view of the Tesla factory in Fremont, California, on Thursday, July 26,2018


A physician who when worked for a Fremont, California, medical center contracted to deal with hurt employees at Tesla’s close-by factory.
has actually simply lost his medical license

Dr. Muhannad Hafi– who was used by a little medical business called Gain Access To Omnicare up until a minimum of January 2018– was discovered to have actually sexually fondled 2 female clients in 2014 and 2016 when he operated at 2 other medical centers. The 2 ladies were not linked to Tesla. The order to withdraw his license will work since 5pm Pacific Time on December 21, 2018.

Nevertheless, the cancellation of Hafi’s medical license raises concerns about the practices of Gain access to Omnicare, which Tesla picked to manage its on-site center given that June2018 Prior to that, Gain access to Omnicare was contracted to see and deal with hurt Tesla factory employees off-site at its regional Fremont workplace.

The Medical Board of California started procedures versus Hafi in November 2017, yet he continued at Gain access to Omnicare up until a minimum of January 2018.

While Hafi’s license was withdrawed late last month, it just ended up being commonly understood when PlainSite, a legal-document openness website, released the court order on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ars called the Fremont workplaces of Gain access to Omnicare. A female called Alissa addressed the phone and stated: “I’m sorry, I can’t respond to any concerns,” when we asked when Hafi worked there and whether the center understood that his license had actually been suspended.

Last month, Reveal News released a prolonged story checking out the lengths that Tesla apparently would go to prevent correct treatment for hurt factory employees.

Per Reveal, a Tesla employee called Expense Casillas was at first detected with electrical direct exposure. Nevertheless, 2 months after the injury, Hafi “actioned in and dismissed the injury,” composing in a released medical file that Casillas in truth “does not have a commercial injury credited to an electrical existing.”

” Leading edge”

The 25- page court filing from October 2018 explains the case of the very first female, described in state filings as “Client 1.” She saw Hafi for a lap-band change in2014 Nevertheless, he rapidly asked her to raise her t-shirt, exposing her bra, then went even more and exposed her breasts– the female questioned if he was carrying out a breast test that she had actually not requested for.

Ultimately, the female left and was revolted at what took place, and she reported the event to the Fremont Authorities Department. Within weeks, Hafi was ended from that center, and he was ultimately prosecuted for misbehavior and was acquitted on the criminal charges.

2 years later on, in August 2016, another female (” Client 2″) had a comparable experience at a various center in San Leandro, simply a couple of miles north of Fremont. She had actually adopted a pre-employment physical examination. Hafi informed the female that she “looked great,” approached her, and brushed his erect penis under his trousers versus her leg. She steeled herself through the test, as she required it for work. When the experience was lastly over, she reported the event to the immediate care center’s personnel, who took her seriously. Ultimately, she likewise went to the San Leandro cops however did not press charges. Client 2 did submit a civil claim, which stays pending.

After the earlier allegations, which were made to regional cops at the time, Hafi was rapidly fired by those centers. It is not right away clear when or why he was worked with by Gain access to Omnicare, however files reveal that he worked there up until a minimum of January 2018, 3 months after the California medical board started its examination.

Tesla reacts

In a profits hire October 2018, a leading Tesla vice president, Laurie Shelby, trumpeted to press reporters and financiers that the business had actually opened a “brand-new and better health center” on Tesla’s school, which is still handled by Gain access to Omnicare.

” So when injuries do take place, we get the outright finest look after our partners, and it’s really supervised by among California’s leading orthopedic cosmetic surgeons,” she stated.

After that call with financiers, Shelby explained the on-site center as being on the “cutting edge in the field of work environment health.”

Caroline Nolan, the director of interactions at Tesla, informed Ars on Tuesday that Hafi never ever worked for Tesla’s on-site center and referred even more concerns to Gain access to Omnicare.

Tesla would neither respond to regarding whether it still believed in Gain access to Omnicare nor how it picked Gain access to Omnicare as its medical service provider to start with. Rather, the business supplied Ars with a formerly launched November 2018 declaration released by its Gain access to Omnicare’s owner, Dr. Basil Besh. Because declaration, which reacted to the Reveal story, Besh concluded: “Rather of highlighting the significant development being made in both client security and client care at Tesla, this report utilizes bad sourcing to narrate constant with an established program.”

Besh did not right away react to Ars’ ask for remark.

Late Tuesday night, Nolan sent out Ars a declaration from Besh about Hafi, keeping in mind that Hafi left Gain access to Omnicare in early June 2018.

” He was used by another occupational medical center at the time of his hire and throughout his work at Gain access to Omnicare,” the declaration continued. “We understood the at-the-time unverified claims, which Dr. Hafi emphatically rejected. Suitable safeguards are constantly in location at Gain access to Omnicare with all medical sees staffed with both a company and another medical employee.”

It is unclear what is implied by “safeguards,” considered that the medical board makes no reference of “another medical employee” who remained in the existence of Hafi while he acted wrongly in front of his accusers.