In any online video game, cheaters can actually destroy it for everybody else. Not just do they mess up the sense of reasonable play, however, in defiance of the old expression, they typically succeed. So what’s EA finishing with Pinnacle Legends‘s cheaters? Sticking the wrongdoers in a swimming pool together.

Respawn, the video game’s designers, published a “check-in” upgrade to Reddit over the weekend, detailing to name a few things its efforts to reduce unjust play. There’s the normal procedures: developing AI that spots unfaithful programs; recognizing spam accounts; needing two-factor authentication on suspect accounts. However another option bears discussing, since it sounds type of innovative: “[m] atchmaking that matches identified cheaters and spammers together.”

Most likely that indicates that all those individuals who utilize aimbots and other cheats to get an edge will need to take on each other rather of those people who choose to draw at the video game truthfully. This will not simply be the real cheaters– Respawn defines that this reaches individuals who get “brought” up the ranks by cheaters. “Even if you are not particularly utilizing a cheat, partying up with cheaters is still cheating,” the designer included.

I’m not going lie: I kinda love this. The spirit of fight royale is currently to discover the hardiest survivor in an offered group. Why do not we see which of the cheaters and spammers is the very best?

The very first concern that springs to my mind is “Well why do not you simply prohibit them?” Then I keep in mind that a prohibited gamer can simply as quickly make a brand-new account and begin once again– and it’s not like cheaters will have the very same quantity of trouble climbing up the ranks. If you do not prohibit them, and do not make it evident to them that they remain in the cheat swimming pool, then they can gladly screw each other over all the time without troubling anybody.

Respawn is likewise improving the reporting system, taking feedback from other Redditors. For instance, it’s thinking about functions that ‘d make it much easier to rat out your unfaithful colleagues, and a function that would permit you to spectate your killers and look for the cheater is obviously “coming.” It’s likewise motivating gamers to assist by reporting cheaters with video proof where possible.

It’s not precisely the most sophisticated option: expect you’re incorrectly implicated and included the pit with everybody else? However if all other cheat defenses stop working, and you do not wish to prohibit them, keeping them in their own confine far from others is a service I can deal with. In the end, you’re making them have fun with each other– that’s penalty enough, as far as I’m worried.