In some cases you simply require a break. Perhaps a kid kept you up all night or has actually been hanging off your leg every hour of every waking minute in current history. Perhaps you run out concepts for how to keep your kid amused for another 2nd and all you actually wish to do is rest.

That’s when author and podcaster Hillary Frank states you should play the “What’s on my butt?” video game.

Frank was just recently spoken with by Terry Gross on the NPR program “Fresh Air” about her brand-new book, Odd Parenting Wins When Gross asked Frank whether she ‘d discover any particularly useful parenting suggestions throughout her book research study that she still utilizes, Frank provided this tip:

Frank: “There is a video game that a mama comprised called, ‘What’s on my butt?’ And the method you play is when you seem like you simply require a break, and your kid seems like they wish to play, you rest facedown on the sofa. And you inform your kid to go discover some random item around your home, put it on your butt and you need to think what it is. I play this with my child and it enables me to refuel.”

Gross: “Do you think right?”

Frank: “No, it’s difficult to think right.”

Not just does her child still like to play the video game– she is likewise accountable for putting away all the things at the end.

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