Former Head of Pentagon's Secret UFO Program Has Some (Strange) Stories to Tell

The top-secret Advanced Aerospace Hazard Recognition Program, established in 2007, examined UFO encounters under the instructions of the Pentagon. This video footage was recorded by a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet in 2004 Nimitz, off the coast of San Diego.

Credit: To Destiny Academy of Arts and Science

The previous leader of the U.S. federal government’s top-secret UFO program has stories to inform, and he is sharing a few of them for the very first time in a brand-new documentary.

Intelligence officer Luis Elizondo acted as the previous director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Hazard Recognition Program (AATIP), an effort released in 2007 to study reports of UFO encounters Elizondo left the company in 2011; in 2017, he consulted with press reporters at The New York City Times, validating the presence of the shadowy company and explaining its objective.

Now, Elizondo is drawing back the drape on his period with the AATIP, which he left due to the fact that of a dull main reaction to the company’s findings, and their aversion to deal with prospective dangers from UFOs, according to the brand-new program “ Unidentified: Within America’s UFO Examination,” premiering Might 31 on the History Channel at 10 p.m ET/9 p.m. CT. [UFO Watch: 8 Times the Government Looked for Flying Saucers]

No, there isn’t a huge expose that UFOs were alien spacecraft the whole time. However diving into long-hidden accounts of UFO examinations will ideally motivate individuals– and authorities– to conquer enduring preconceptions and talk more honestly about these strange airplane, a few of which might position a larger risk than we understand, Elizondo informed Live Science.

UFOs have actually astonished and amazed individuals for years; they likewise position a distinct difficulty to federal representatives attempting to figure out if they represent a risk to nationwide security. Prior to AATIP, the U.S. Flying force had actually released Job Directory, which examined more than 12,000 supposed UFO sightings from 1952 to 1969.

Throughout Elizondo’s period at AATIP, observers reported UFOs flying at hypersonic speeds— more than 5 times the speed of noise. Yet there were none of the signatures that typically accompany airplane flying at such great speeds, such as sonic booms, he stated.

The UFOs were likewise suddenly mobile, taking a trip so quick that they would have experienced gravitational forces, or G-forces, that far go beyond the limitations of endurance for both human beings and airplane. The F-16 Battling Falcon airplane, among the most maneuverable in the U.S.’s toolbox, reaches its limitation at around 16 to 18 G’s, while the body can stand up to about 9 G’s “for an extremely brief time” prior to an individual would begin to black out, Elizondo stated.

” These things that we were observing were pulling 400 to 500 G’s,” he stated. “They do not have engines and even wings, and they have the ability to apparently defy the natural impacts of Earth’s gravitational pull

A few of the UFO sightings reported to AATIP were ultimately dealt with, as aerial drones or test shootings of brand-new kinds of rockets that were found from an uncommon angle. However while numerous amazing UFOs still defied description, there merely isn’t sufficient proof to recommend they came from extraterrestrials, Elizondo included.

Nevertheless, another possibility is a lot more disturbing than the possibility of an alien intrusion: that a foreign enemy had actually privately established innovations that are “tactical game-changers,” unlike anything ever seen prior to, he stated. Attending to that prospective risk is a required action that federal government authorities— even those that supported AATIP– do not take seriously enough, according to Elizondo.

What’s more, the established secrecy shrouding main UFO examinations just strengthens the association of UFOs with “tinfoil hats and ludicrous stories.”

” We rely on the American individuals to understand that North Korea has nuclear warheads pointed at Los Angeles, yet we do not trust them with the understanding that there’s something in our skies and we do not understand what it is? That appears disadvantageous to me,” Elizondo stated.

Initially released on Live Science