Mark Kelly throughout his NASA days.


Prior To Mark Kelly was a Democratic-party SENATE prospect for Arizona, he was a high-flying NASA astronaut with some actually out-of-this-world area qualifications.

Kelly revealed his project for Congress on Tuesday with a video that recommendations his spaceflight experience.

” Seeing that daybreak from area for the extremely very first time, it is unbelievable,” Kelly stated. “You understand, it’s quite apparent quite early when you enter area that we’re all sort of in this together.”

Kelly, 54, is running for the seat previously inhabited by Sen. John McCain Martha McSally, a Republican previous Arizona agent, is presently filling the Senate seat by consultation following McCain’s death in 2018 The seat will be up for an unique election in 2020.

Kelly, who was initially a Navy pilot, invested 54 days in area serving on 4 NASA area shuttle bus objectives to the International Spaceport Station. As pilot and later on leader, Kelly assisted provide devices, materials and team members to the ISS.

Those shuttle bus flights were noteworthy for bring the pressurized module for the Japanese Kibo lab to the station in 2008 and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer particle physics detector up in 2011.

Mark Kelly was the leader of the STS-134 area shuttle bus Endeavour objective to the ISS in 2011.


Kelly is the hubby of previous Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who endured a shooting in Arizona in 2011 that left 6 others dead. Both Giffords and Kelly have actually promoted for more stringent weapon control in the United States. Kelly retired from NASA later on that year to concentrate on his better half’s healing.

Kelly and his twin bro Scott are both retired NASA astronauts. They took part in a NASA twins research study including comparing Scott throughout a year in area on the ISS with Mark, who remained down on Earth.

Mark Kelly can aim to a significant precedent in astronaut-politicians: John Glenn Glenn ended up being the very first American to orbit the Earth in1962 He won an Ohio Senate seat in 1974 and served till1999