Ask anybody who has actually worked carefully with ousted WeWork CEO Adam Neumann and you will likely hear stories about him walking barefoot.

He strolls barefoot in the workplace, individuals near to him inform us. He strolls barefoot around the Hamptons, where he owns a house, individuals who have actually seen him there inform us. And he likewise strolls barefoot around the streets of New york city, according to an image of him published on Reddit.

The picture was published a day after Neumann resigned as CEO. And although the individual who published it stated it was taken right prior to that news broke, we were not able to identify when it was taken. An individual near to him informs us Neumann was using various clothes on the day he stepped down.

When Company Expert spoke with lots of previous workers about what it resembled to operate at WeWork under Neumann’s period, we heard 3 kinds of stories consistently: seeing him barefoot, his love for a costly brand name of tequila, and his outbursts.

Neumann was viewed as the fiery, inspiring visionary, existing and previous workers informed us. Several workers who worked carefully with him, some from the early days, stated his capability to encourage workers and “pitch the ordeal out of the business,” was his superpower.

They explained him as fast to commemorate with shots of his precious $140/ bottle Don Julio 1942 tequila. However he might grow “furious” if shot glasses weren’t smoothly readily available, one previous worker us.

Another previous worker kept in mind 2 needs whenever Neumann went to a WeWork area: cases of Don Julio 1942 – “if you do not have that, he will lose his sh * t” – and music blasting at celebration volumes. “Our paying clients would be grumbling about how loud the music was, however if we turned it down, we ‘d get shouted and chewed out by Adam and his group.”

This individual likewise keeps in mind, “He would run around the workplace barefoot. He would get on his desk, or get on the conference table barefoot and chew out individuals.”

Not all of that screaming was unfavorable. A few of it was vitality.

A 3rd previous worker explained dealing with Adam like this: “A great deal of WeWork seems like a perpetual celebration. It’s constantly up or down, and Adam’s yelling both methods, delighted or not.”

This has actually been a troubled couple of weeks for Neumann because the business launched its pre-IPO filing. Extreme public examination occurred over the business’s organisation design and governance. And recently, WeWork revealed that Neumann had actually quit the majority of his voting power and resigned as CEO, remaining on as non-executive chairman.

Neumann stated the concentrate on him had actually ended up being “a diversion” for the business. A declaration offered to Company Expert by Neumann’s agent in reaction to our examination into WeWork’s culture and management stated: “while there might have been some growing discomforts, the outcomes promote themselves: a nurturing workplace that is motivating, considerate, and attuned to highlighting the very best in individuals.”

Adam Neumann barefoot in New York City, hours prior to being required to step down as WeWork CEO from r/pics

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