Welcome to PRIME CHEAP, our series about things that are excellent, inexpensive, and part of Amazon’s Prime Day sales. Hey, we got ta consume too.

Of all the Prime Day deals out there, this is among the very best.

Strap yourself in, since you can get an opened 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S10 for just $59999 Yup, that’s a complete 33 percent, or a cool $300, off its sticker price.

This is both the front– and back– of the Samsung Galaxy S10

Features-time. For that $599( such a great cost), you get a 6.1″ vibrant AMOLED screen that goes to the edge of the phone. It actually is a looker.

There’s likewise an in-screen finger print sensing unit, a 3,400 mAh battery, and a 10 MP selfie cam. On the subject of electronic cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has 3 of the badgals on the back. Particularly:

  • A 12- megapixel extremely speed lens
  • A 16- megapixel ultra broad lens
  • A 12- megapixel 2x zoom lens

Another cool function of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is something the business calls “Wireless Powershare.” Essentially, you can put another suitable gadget ( like the Galaxy Buds) on top of the S10 and it’ll send out energy to that little hardware. Pretty futuristic, I believe you’ll concur.

Presently, the Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t in stock till August 30, which is a reasonable portion of time away, however might well deserve it to conserve a lot cash. I indicate, $600- odd for the existing Samsung flagship is one helluva offer

Keep In Mind, this is the last part of Prime Day, so if you wish to get an opened 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S10 for $59999, you’re going to need to move quick. Head over here to make the most of the offer

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Released July 16, 2019– 10: 52 UTC.

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